It’s not my fault!

Picture it.

Fog-filled back streets.

So, I’m late!

It’s not my fault.  The taxi had a flat tyre.

I am supposed to be halfway to Tower Bridge by now. My cab driver – who I have affectionately named ‘The-Driver-Who-Made-My-Life-Flash-Before-My-Eyes’ (catchy I know) seems to think that come hell-or-high water, he will get me there ‘on time’!

I believe him.

Actually it is partly my own fault. I should’ve been more specific when I said to ‘The-Driver-Who-Made-My-Life-Flash-Before-My-Eyes’ — ‘I’m late now – put foot’!

What I should’ve said was — ’I’m late now – put foot – BUT get me there 1) alive; 2) without the need for a permanent neck brace’

So when you see me whizzing past you in a blur of black polo, don’t be shy, give us a wave!! You’ll recognise the blur by the woman with the crazed look on her face planted flat against the car window, clawing to get out alive!

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to the cyclist who almost met his death today. 

It’s not my fault ….

and I was 10 minutes late …..


One thought on “It’s not my fault!

  1. Supajoi May 25, 2011 / 2:26 pm

    Hahaha… All that to be late anyway? :]

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