Bunk …. Or Bust!

So I was reminded this past weekend of a funny story that happened a few years ago, involving members of my family … again …

We should get paid for our funniness … Pure Entertainment!!

So, my friend and I were living with two of my brothers in a house share in London. My friend and I shared one bedroom and my 2 youngest brothers shared the other bedroom.  They had bunk beds. You know the kind where there are 2 single beds stacked on top of each other.  Obviously thought up by a super genius in the space saving industry. Or perhaps. A crackpot with a penchant for sadistic entertainment.


So, it’s the middle of the night, and both brothers are doing what all good, young men should be doing at night – sleeping.  TopBunkBedBrother has scored the best spot – the top bunk (hence the name) – wakes up from his evening slumber. 

Well, we’re not actually sure if he was actually awake.  You see, my brother tends to do strange and peculiar things at nighttime. No really!  I’ll give you an example. One time (I want to add ‘at Band Camp’ but I won’t), He ‘wakes’ up in the middle of the night, like 01:30AM middle of the night. Thinking it’s time to get ready for work. Launches himself off the bunk bed, sets up the ironing board, puts the iron on, and begins to iron his clothes for work.  Strange! Like I said! It is great if you have a pile of ironing that needs doing. Just leave the washing basket in his room and hope for the best!

Ok, so where was I? Ah yes, so he ‘awakens’ from his evening slumber, swinging his legs over the side of the bunkbed, cautious not to wake up the BottomBunkBedBrother, sleeping soundly, on the bottom bunkbed. Little does BottomBunkBedBrother know that his world is about to get ROCKED!!

As TopBunkBedBrother ‘gently’ launches himself off his bed as if it were the 10m diving plank at the Olympics.



You guessed it!

The bed collapses.

That’s correct! Collapses! On to BottomBunkBedBrother!

I tell you something, I would have paid good money to see BottomBunkBedBrother’s face reacting to what may have seemed like the sky falling down. Perhaps it looked a bit like Chicken Little’s face when he was told the sky was falling down – except not as yellow and fluffy, and of course without the orange beak.

If TopBunkBedBrother wasn’t conscious up to that point, he most certainly was awake right in the middle of hearing the first crack of the bed and the first ear-piercing squeal from BottomBunkBedBrother as the full force of the bed came crashing down on him. 

Time froze.

How he wasn’t injured, I have no idea.

So all you parents who think it’s a great idea to get your kids bunkbeds – this is my view on them – Deathtraps I tell ya, but funny as heck if it’s not you being splattered between the two beds!


Trust Me! This bed will last FOREVER!!

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