Mozzarella Sticks …. Really??

So we go out for drinks to celebrate my birthday.  We’re having a great time and a thousand laughs.  After dropping in to various drinking holes, we end the night, as most people do, by paying a visit to our friendly Micky D’s.   

Micky D’s is THE BEST food to eat after consuming alcohol.  You know you agree with me.  It’s usually the only acceptable time to eat their food. 

We order our food and wait patiently for it to be handed over.  

The place is crawling with people who have desperation etched on their faces.  
Desperate for their hangover cure.
They NEED that cheeseburger.
They NEED it now. 
How else are they supposed to handle the hangover that has already started. 

We find a table and sit down, spreading our various meals around the table, and start to tuck in.

We’re cackling up a storm – we are four woman, what do you expect.  

My sister, I suddenly realize, is not actually participating in our conversation (Rude – I know!!), but rather trying to get our attention (not always easy when you have three woman talking over each other).

Eventually we manage to tune our ear to her. She is saying ‘Check this guy out.’ My sister is in her early 20s, and so naturally I think she has found a ‘yummy guy’ to give all our attention to.

So we reluctantly give up on our own grown up (old) conversation (the one my sister is not participating in) and look in the direction she is pointing. 

………    ………    ……….       .…….. 

Well, never in my life before, have I seen someone, ………,  (hang on, I’m thinking what word  I should use here to ensure they don’t cut this out when I sell my blog to Hollywood,)   ………so excited (yes that’s the ‘safe’ word I’m going with), to eat a, wait for it ……., Micky D’s Mozzarella Sticks! 

I mean this guy was practically making ‘wooop-eeee’ to it (Word chosen based on me being able to sell my life story remember … this is not the word I would normally use…. Just to make that clear …. ) .  His eyes were rolled back in his head, he was licking his lips as if he had never tasted anything so good in his life. His fingers were being licked. By him. But you would swear by the look on his face that Angelina Jolie herself had wrapper her lips around his fingers.  

That Mozzarella Stick had a great ending to its very short life.  Never before has a mozzarella stick been treated with such love, and tenderness. 

 On second thoughts, perhaps the guy just had one too many during Happy Hour??   

 …. Or Not


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