Pavements … and other strange occurrences

So I’m walking to work this morning.

Not from my home.
Just from the station.
I’m not that into being active.

Happily strolling along, enjoying the glorious sunshine. I round the corner, and before I can take my next step, I see a vacuum cleaner. No, its not in a shop window and no, it’s not in somebody’s home (coz that would probably be classed as peeping from my side!)

A cleaner from the local university is vacuuming … wait for it …. The Pavement … The Sidewalk … The part of the road where people walk.

There is no carpet. Just concrete slabs filled with old chewing gum, spitballs and other delightful things.

She didn’t seem to think it strange.

And clearly, neither did anybody else, because as they happily went about their business, I almost walked into the Bright Red Post Box while I looked back and wondered what the heck she was on!


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