Sherry … Not just for the over-65’s

My mom is full of funny stories – here’s another one, which could be put into the Strange Occurrences category.

My aunt came to London to visit my mom for her birthday and to take her to the Phantom of the Opera at the theatre and out for a nice meal.  They decided to go out for a drink. They picked a decent looking bar. Now my mom, she’s not a big drinker but every now and then, she is partial to a Sherry.  So naturally, being out on the town for her birthday, she strolled up to the bar and ordered said Sherry.

The look that was returned was a mix of panic, confusion and fear. The (young) bartender (I’m not saying you’re old mama), actually asked my mom and her sister “What is sherry?”  Seriously???  Maybe I know nothing but what bartender doesn’t know what Sherry is?!??!?!

So off he toddled to find out what exactly Sherry is and IF they had any.  Let me just say, they did have it on the drinks menu. So of course, now my mom and her sister are wondering if they’re going to be brought some cooking sherry – which I believe is nothing like the real thing.

Eventually, the bartender returns and sheepishly hands over a half a bottle of sherry to my mom, who by now is feeling rather old.  I reckon he’s probably run across the road to another pub and asked if he could buy whatever Sherry they had for a demanding customer that he had.  He pours a glass for his patrons to taste, and an extra one just in case they actually like the sherry.

They didn’t.

A few weeks later, my aunt sent my mom an article written by David Williams in The Observer.  According to Mr. Williams, Sherry Is Cool!!  Who better to believe than someone who is clearly an expert, otherwise why would he be writing about it in a national newspaper. The article was called “A fino romance” and the strapline accompanying the article was – “Roll out the barrel – people are talking about sherry again.”

We’re sending the article to the bartender.


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