Shower Caps …. And other distracting things

So my mama works in a school office.

She tells me this story and I feel it’s only right to share it with the masses … with a few … and only a few …. Frinkle File ad libs.

So there mama is, busy as heck during her work day.  It’s also “CRAZY HAIR DAY” at school and it seems the crazy hair day is affecting people in a strange way too. Her office is overflowing with people, all demanding that whatever it is that they need from mama, is more important than the person standing next them.

Amidst all the chaos, stands a man. With an envelope. A man who has unfortunately gone mostly unnoticed – due to the overpowering cackling demands of the others in the office.

After a while – and perhaps out of the fear of being swallowed up by the cries of self-importance around him, he tucks the envelope into his jacket pocket and pushes his way forward, elbowing, kneeing and tackling anybody that dares to stand in his way. He can see mama’s desk, edging closer and closer with each step he crawls, and with one last push, and one last elbow, he reaches out, and pulls himself out of the crowd. He stands. Out of breath. Dishevelled and slightly crazed, in front of mama, takes a deep breath, and says …….

I am not impressed at how I was greeted in this office!”

I know, Right!!!

Well firstly, had he taken the time to make an appointment, or at least shouted over the hoards of people cackling away, or even perhaps ‘announced’ his entry (or perhaps got one of his minions to announce his arrival), then he may have got noticed!

He dropped the envelope on mama’s desk, did an about turn, and left.

What he must have thought of mama’s bright pink shower cap she wore in honour of “Crazy Hair Day” on her head, heaven only knows!!


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