Crazy …. Or Not?

So, I’m just wondering Am I the only person who talks to themselves? I mean, when I do it, I get strange looks!

I don’t get it. Surely more people should be doing it? Maybe they just simply don’t realise that by talking to yourself, it’s the only way to guarantee the answers YOU want!

True right?

Why yes, Frinklefiles, you are correct and besides who cares what everyone else thinks? You know you’re right. Right?

yes Frinklefiles, you are correct, thank you for clarifying that for me and, of course, for everybody else too!

It’s my pleasure FrinkleFiles. Now why don’t you stop blogging, close your eyes, and go to sleep?

Okay FrinkleFiles, you have a point. Over and out from me.

Yes Frinklefiles, over and out from me too!

See what I mean. Sometimes you just don’t need other people to have a conversation.

Crazy? I think not.


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