Enjoy Your Trip…See You Next Fall

So, Tripping! Now isn’t that a fun topic!

I love giggling at people who trip! But only because I know somewhere out there, someone giggles and guffaws everytime I trip.

Which is often.

Sometimes my own fault.
Like when you trip over nothing. And still look back as if the biggest rock just happened to pop out of the pavement at the exact time u were walking there.
And then.
It disappears.
Intent on making you look like more of a fool.

Sometimes, it’s not my fault!
Let me explain.

A few years ago, my brother, my srendy and I were walking along the road, laughing, and having our normal banter.
I slapped my brother on the arm for something or other…Don’t give me that look…I can guarantee you he deserved it!

So anyway. Where was I!
Aah yes. So I slapped my brother.

And then did the completely natural thing!
I ran! (Have you seen the size of my brother?)

But lo and behold, he was not going to let me off that easy.

He stretched out his leg.

As I took my first step of the run.

It’s amazing how a potential run can quickly go downhill!

I’n this case – flat on my face!

Apparently – I flew.
And then just dropped.

And my dear brother and darling srendy you ask? Well, they did what any loving and caring, kind and compassionate person would do.
They burst out laughing while pointing at me. Followed by giggling and a whole lot of guffawing!!

Ah well. At least these types of embarrassing moments help you to figure which of your friends and family will be included in the distribution of the lottery should I ever win it!!



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