Healthy Living….Or A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

So, twice in the past week, I’ve heard about people injuring themselves at the gym. 

Now I’m not talking about a blister, or a small cut, or dehydration.

Where do I begin?

So my sister goes to a step class. You know the one. Where they have a step (probably where they got the name of the class from), and weights, and, possibly, overzealous and enthusiastic attendees. 

This is the very reason that I hide in the back of the class when I go to a gym class. Not only because I’m usually the one puffing and panting, not following what the heck is going on, and trying to decipher what my crazy, lunatic of a gym instructor is saying. She is Chinese, with a VERY thick Chinese accent. And she shouts. Really loud. Into a microphone. Which in my opinion is enough to scare you enough to fall off the step with the weights in your hand while you are performing your step routine. Or at the very least have a heart attack while you’re trying to get healthy and fit!

Yes, there is a routine. It goes something like – step up, step down, step left, step right, step up, and turn, and step and right and step and left and pirouette and hands up and step and jump and turn and hands down and step up and pirouette and …. Fall.

Well, it happens. It happened. Thank goodness not to me. I have enough embarrassing things that happen to me on a daily basis. Falling over in the gym is not on my Bucket List

So anyway. This poor (not in the money sense) gym-bunny (affectionate-term) fell over. In the step class. In the gym. In front of other people.  She did the last part of the routine and missed her step, fell over and sprained her wrist.

Gym is not good for you.

Then there is another person I heard about this morning. I will try not to say anything that may name him. You’ll understand why he may suffer embarrassment after you hear the story.

He went to a spin class last night. You know the one on bicycles that don’t go anywhere!

His foot got caught in his gym shorts. (I don’t know – don’t ask me – I have NO idea)

He tore his ligaments.


Broke His Ankle.

I repeat … gym is NOT good for you!

I think I’ll be cancelling my contract in the morning. 



One thought on “Healthy Living….Or A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

  1. Jessica June 2, 2011 / 5:30 am

    TWICE I have been at the gym when people have tripped on the treadmill and were sent flying into the wall. Both times I really had to struggle to not laugh; one really looked like they got hurt. Both were very embarassed.

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