Royal Weddings….And Other Holidays

So, it’s like a desert in the office today. 

I actually think I may have seen tumbleweed drift past me a moment ago.

Along with the distant howl of a coyote.

It would seem most people have decided to celebrate the impending Royal Wedding early. Because, and I’m sure you are aware of this, but, if you take 3 days off work next week, after the long Easter weekend, and before the May bank holiday, then you get …. 11 days off. 

Isn’t it funny that when people talk about the break, that’s how they say it. (Me included)

Do you know how many times I’ve heard that lately? Mostly coming out of my mouth. As my lovely sister pointed out to me.

Everytime I talk about the 3-day-break, it goes something along the lines of:-

“So, if you take 3 days off next week then you’ll be able to get 11 days off work. You know, because of the Easter long weekend, the Royal Wedding, and the May Bank holiday”

And I’m not the only one. Everyone says it like that.

It’s not like it has snuck up on everybody. EVERYONE (at least those on planet earth) has heard about it. Some people have actually taken the 3 days off (you know, because they get 11 days off then because of the Easter break and  …. Okay, okay, you get it)

Sadly, I didn’t take the 3 days off.

So you all go ahead, and enjoy your 11 days off (you know, where you can take 3 days off and then you get 11 days off work because of the Easter weekend and the Royal Wedding and May bank holiday) and enjoy yourself.

I shall be working.

Somebody has to keep the economy afloat you know.

PS: It’s still not too late to take those 3 days off. You’ll get 11 days off you know, what with the Easter long weekend, Royal Wedding public holiday and don’t forget the May Bank holiday.


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