Sunny Days … And Indecision

So, we’re spending the hottest day of the year so far, on Brighton Beach!

It’s a scorcher. In British terms anyway. It’s 19 at the moment. It’s 11am. Yes, this is considered a scorcher.

So anyway. It’s 11am. 19degrees. We’re on the beach. And there us only a handful of people here.

Where is everyone. I’m going to assume that there may be alot of hangovers this morning. It being the Easter Weekend and all. That, in my mind, is the only reason there are not more people on the here right now.

We left the house at 6.30am in anticipation of getting a good spot on the beach before the masses descended on us.

We needn’t have worried.

It also doesn’t matter about the place that u first settle on the beach – you will always move!


The sand will be too sandy.

The pebbles will be too pebbly.

The view won’t be perfect.

The waves will be too wavy.

The tide will be too high!

Eventually, you’ll find a seemingly great spot, and think to yourself, “why didn’t anyone else sit here?” and continue to pat yourself on the back and high five yourself.

Then you realise.

The brown ‘shells’ are not really shells at all.

The local dogs have been favouring that spot too!

So up you get, and off you trot, as fast as you can caper. (thanks Jack) and try to locate another, hopefully, perfect spot.

Eventually, just as the sun is about to set on the horizon, you will find a spot!

Only to realise that the only reason you got the spot in the first place is because everyone else has packed up and gone.

Including the sun.


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