I’m Too Sexy For My …. Pants?

So, these things only happen to me …. Right?No, it’s okay. I’ve come to accept it.

Crazy attracts crazy! I get it! I really do!

I went into work really early last week and decided to grab my lunch from the local shop so I could work through lunch. The shop wasn’t due to open until 7am so I had a couple minutes to wait.

I wasn’t the only one who was waiting and in a couple of minutes, we had a steady throng of people eagerly awaiting the shop doors to open! (You’d swear there was a new iPad coming out or something!).

What is with those people who queue for hours, sometimes DAYS for the latest piece of technology?

I don’t get it.

Anyway, so where was I?

Ah yes. So we’re waiting for the doors to open when I spot, out the corner of my eye, a young-looking man, with his long, blonde hair pulled back into a neat ponytail, somewhat old blue t-shirt, boots smart and tied – to avoid tripping you know – smart pair of black trousers … in his hand … Let me rephrase that …. HIS TROUSERS WERE IN HIS HANDS!!! And a full view of his not so lovely grey boxers…

You see now, maybe other people see this sort of crazy more often than I do, because they ignored him, didn’t even blink an eye, didn’t even cast a glance, as he made his way through the crowd. So I naturally let my mouth hang on the floor and stared after his little grey boxers.

My attention-grabbing crazy suddenly caught a glimpse of himself in the shop window.

Bends down. 

Puts his trousers on the floor. 

Reaches into his grey boxers. 

Adjusts himself. 

Turns around looking at himself in the window. 

And decides his look will only be complete if …. he tucks his blue t-shirt into his dirty grey boxers! 

I know!!! 

He then gives a little twirl, sticks his posterior out a little further, and prances off into the distance!

Heaven alone knows what was going on in his head or what he actually saw in the window!

I’m no Style Guru, but I can guarantee you, it was not a pretty sight. 

If I see him again, I’m going to suggest black boxers next time!



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