Neighbourhood Watch…Or Not

So, there I was standing outside the same shop where I saw the crazy man with no pants just a few days ago. That shop clearly has some sort of magic-weird-trouble-crazy-attraction thing going on!

Anyway, where was i? Ah yes, the shop.

So it was another early morning, and there i was, waiting for the shop doors to opens so I could buy some breakfast.

I wasn’t alone.
There were a number of other early birds waiting with me. Each one of them trying really hard to not look as tired as they felt so early in the morning.

I was happily warbling away (in my head) to the music on my iPod, when I glanced across the street, and noticed, what I thought, was a friendly wave between two friends departing each others company.

It wasn’t.

Now I have been known to have the nickname “Neighbourhood-Watch-Girl” (I believe it was meant as a term of endearment). No really, it was!

Anyway, as I cast my ever-suspicious eyes across the road, I noticed that it was, in fact, a war of words between a group of youngsters (I have other words for them, but they may read this and I’m scared of them), and a “grown-up” man.

Well, it began to escalate and before I knew it, the young lad was throwing punches …. and traffic cones …. at the “old” man (ok he wasnt old – maybe 35) and gyrating his hips at him in a “threatening manner”.

So of course, being Neighbourhood-Watch-Girl, I was having none of it! I pulled out my mobile, and dialled the emergency number. (I know! Brave huh).

As I waited for the call to connect, I kept a watchful eye on the aggressive, cone-throwing, gyrating trouble-maker.

When, in my ear I heard “You have no new messages”

Having lived in this country for almost 10 years, you would think I know that 911 is NOT the emergency number but rather…My Voicemail Number!

Clearly the world needs more than Neighbourhood-Watch-Girl.

I’ve cancelled my fitting for my super-hero outfit.


One thought on “Neighbourhood Watch…Or Not

  1. douglondon June 9, 2011 / 4:57 pm

    Seriously Frinkefiles… you are bloody hilarious. Love your style.

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