Googly….Or Zzzzzz

So, you know those days when you’re exhausted! You know the ones i mean! You’ve had a late night of socialising, a hectic week at work, a computer game that went on too long.

You’re with me right!

And then you’re at work the next day. And it just so happens that you have a meeting.
A. Really. Looong. Meeting!

And it seems to be going fine.

At first.

And then you feel you’re eyes closing!

They’re getting heavy.

And Heavier.

And even heavier.

Oi!! Wake up!! No sleeping on my time!!

Now, where was i?

Ah yes, so you’re eyes are closing!

Now if you’re clever like me, and forward thinking, you always take a bottle of water or coffee into the meeting with you, so that should you feel your eyes getting heavier, you can simply shake your head, thus dispersing of the heavy eyelids, gulp down some water (but not too fast…we don’t want to be having a gagging/coughing fit simply to stay awake), and, hey presto!! You’re wide awake again!

Well actually, in reality, you have what i affectionately term “googly eyes”!

You’ve convinced yourself that nobody will notice because actually your eyes are not THAT closed even though they feel like they have dead weights on them!

What you don’t realise is that one eyelid is open two millimetres, while the other is open about ten millimetres!

Don’t ask me why they always go to sleep at different speeds!! What do i look like, an eye doctor??

The best you can do is to excuse yourself, while having a (fake) coughing fit, dash off to the loo, and have a quick power-nap, while trying to come up with a valid excuse as to why you were gone for 15 minutes!

What’s better? Making up some random “i got locked in the toilet” excuse, or looking like an idiot with googly eyes on front of your peers?

Tough choice!


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