Eavesdropping … Or Entertainment

So, this is a conversation I overheard in an airport by a British man on the phone. Perhaps he should think about his surroundings next time before he speaks so loud.

I would like to add that he was sitting TWO gates away from me!

“I had a friend come visit me here from Brussels.”

“Yes a woman”

“She’s been a family friend for 42 years”

“Of course she knows my wife”

“Yes … and the kids”

“Sure I love her”

“No, it’s NOT like that. It’s not a love like sex, it’s a love like a mate”

(Mumble mumble due to the Twix Bar he was shoving in his mouth at the same time)

“No, I haven’t”

“Well, I will be here for five months …. maybe permanently”

“She’s a friend”

“A friend”

“You’re a ****”

Thank goodness I was saved from hearing the rest of that conversation by the call to board the plane.

Eavesdropping can sometimes be entertaining ,,,, especially if you are trying to keep yourself occupied waiting for your flight!



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