To Bolt…Or Not To Bolt

Look away now if you have a sensitive disposition.

No really. I’m not joking.

I’ll give you a minute to decide if you are sensitive or not.



Okay. Ready?

Waiting on a platform for my train, I became aware of a conversation going on behind me.

(Yes, i will agree with you – I. Like. To. Eavesdrop.

Hey, if you’re talking loud enough for everyone to hear, then you can’t complain if strangers start joining in your conversation!

Same goes with if you’re whispering! It’s just cruel and makes everyone (me) listen even closer in case you really do have some interesting gossip!)

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes.


The BMI air hostess (true story) said “I could see it happening love. He was really pale and started to sway. Next thing it was all down you! Oh dear! You have it in your (really really long hair). Oh – and all down your back!”

What had happened was a guy was obviously not feeling well on the train – not sure if it was virus-based or alcohol-based but either way!

He did not have enough time to get off the train.

And started to … (sorry) … Puke/vomit/hurl!

All. Over. The. Lady. In. Front. Of. Him.

How …. MORTIFYING! For him AND her!

In rush-hour traffic! well. What would you do??

Well, being an obvious gentleman – as soon as the train doors opened, he bolted! Up the stairs and out of there!

This poor lady was left standing — on the train — covered in this guys breakfast!

I know right!!!

What would you do????


She casually picked up her belongings, got off the train, went into the station waiting room, and started shaking herself off!

What else can you do right!

I would’ve stayed on the train – hey at least you’re guaranteed a seat –right?

And no smelly armpits rubbing up against you!

Enjoy your breakfast! 🙂


One thought on “To Bolt…Or Not To Bolt

  1. Thea Mather January 28, 2012 / 9:41 am

    You crack me up Li, you really should write a book….

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