Swirl…Or Spit….Or Rinse

True story.

No really. This is not one of those times when I SAY true story but really mean I’m gonna ad lib the heck out of this story.

Because this time … It really isn’t necessary!

Ad. Lib. Not. Needed!

Coming home after a night out I stepped onto the train.

Now – It wasn’t that late that I had to stress about getting the last train home.

But it wasn’t that early that I had to contend with rush hour traffic.

It was, however, the perfect time for a fairly busy train – ensuring there were many witnesses to this …..

Over yonder in the corner seat of the train, sat a middle-aged, fairly well-dressed man.

Not strange you say.

Alas, I say – there is more.

(Because that’s how I normally speak you know! I also regularly make use of thou, art and doth)

Anyway..where was I?

Ah yes …. Over yonder.

The well-dressed man pulls out his toothbrush from one pocket.

Pulls out a small tube of toothpaste from another pocket.

Applies said toothpaste to said toothbrush.

And. switches. It. On.

Yes, it was an electric toothbrush!!!

I know right!

Well-dressed man puts said electric toothbrush. Covered in toothpaste (you know, the one that gives you brighter whites in 14 days – or was that a clothes bleach? hmmmm). Into his mouth.

This man was brushing his teeth. On a fairly busy train.

The best part was that he clearly didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Not that there was.


And he didnt seem to think it weird.

It was.

A little.

Oh. And before you ask me — yes he was sober as the day he was born!

I’m just glad he didn’t ask me to hold his spit bottle!


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