Imagine All The People … Or Not

Have your eyes ever stuck closed?

Of course it’s a serious question!

Not because they’re dirty or anything!

And no. Not because you’re sleeping (wise-ass).

But genuinely stuck together.

No? Well. Lucky. You!

It’s traumatic!

You see – the story goes like this.

I was sitting at my desk the other day, casually going about my business.

No – it did not involve catching 40 winks at my desk! Just let me finish the story!

My colleague walked past and we had one of those “fleeting-talk-quick-while-you-walk-but-get-the-whole-conversation-out-in-a-split-second” conversations.

You know what I’m talking about — right?

Well, we did that and I turned to follow the “fleeting-talk-quick-while-you-walk-but-get-the-whole-conversation-out-in-a-split-second conversation”, finished it (I am brilliant!) and turned back to my desk to continue working.

But. A stretch and yawn threatened to overpower me right then and there.

Instead of fighting the yawn and stretch – I decided to embrace it. With everything I had.

So I lifted up my arms.

stretched them out.

Opened my mouth.

Covered it. (I do have manners you know).

Let out a (little) yawn.


My eyes were stuck!

What. The. Hell!

I know…right!

So of course. What did I do.

Calmly dropped my hands and rubbed my eyes gently?

Don’t be ridiculous!

I did the Drama Queen reaction! (Of course)

That’s right!

Oscar award winning performance!

I grabbed at my eyes.

Screaming “I’m blind! I’m blind!”

Everyone came running to see what on earth was going on, and to see if I was indeed blind and what had caused it!

I, in the meantime, was still clawing at my eyes.

Mascara all over my face.

Tears streaming down my face at the thought of now being blind!

Beautiful right ….. well ….. no!

When all of a sudden.

They opened!

I took a deep breath.

I looked around me.

No one was there.

No one!

I then realised all of two seconds had passed since the “fleeting-talk-quick-while-you-walk-but-get-the-whole-conversation-out-in-a-split-second” conversation had finished.

But. I. Was. Traumatised!

I really do need to get a grip on my imagination!


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