Earlobes …. And Other Useless Information


Funny things them.

They’re in average 2cm. They are!

I’ll wait while you get the tape measure. You obviously want to check my facts.

A ruler will do.
Welcome back.

So – 2cms – told you so ….

A few facts … ie: useless information facts.

Did you know?

Ears elongate with age.

I know, right!

MEN’s earlobes increase by approximately 0.22mm PER YEAR from age 30!

Luckily no research has scientifically proven that WOman’s lobes increase (or maybe I just didn’t feel like looking hard enough!)

Did you know that your earlobe line up with your nipples?

Did you know that the width does not increase! (Dumbo’s legacy is safe with him!)

Did you know earlobe growth peaks once every seven years! It’s true! It’s called a circaseptennial rhythm!

I know, right!

You’re welcome!


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