Distractions …. and other …. Oh Look! A Magpie

So you know how a magpie is easily distracted by shiny objects?

It’s true I tell ya!  Even Wikipedia says,

In both Italian and French folklore, magpies’ have a penchant for picking up shiny items

So if it says it in Wikipedia then it has to be true!

I guess what I’m trying to say is my brain works like that too. Except my distractions don’t need to be shiny!

I also like to make up new words. Words that make perfect sense to me (and a special few within the inner circle —— you know who you are —— and if you don’t —— you’re not in it). They won’t make sense to 99.8% of the population. I’ll get those looks – you know those looks right – the look that says “You Really Should Be In A Mental Asylum”.

When I was younger, like last year, I actually used to unknowingly call it a Mental A-SILLY-um. See! I didn’t even know that I was funny!?!  If only I’d known then, coz I could’ve launched a fantastic ‘Sit-Down-Comedy-Act.

So, basically, I’m a Magpie, who makes up words, and belongs in a Mental A-Silly-Um, doing Sit-Down-Comedy.

That’s all I wanted to say. I thought it was important that you should know before we dive head-first into a ‘blog-ationship’, and then you get all confused as to what the heck I’m talking about, and think ‘Wasn’t she just talking about rabbits in a field? what has that got to do with the new tarmac at Heathrow Airport’

You have been warned 😀